Every family has different dynamics, schedules, commitment levels and lives! It takes a huge amount of team work to support the efforts of the Booster Club! EVERY volunteer within this group matters, and you are making an impact on these kids! Many of these needs do not require signing up, just pitching in for just a few minutes on days when time allows it.

It is important to give in a way you enjoy! Each person has unique talents, interests, hobbies, time restrictions and sometimes equipment. We are also open to hearing ideas, and trying new things.

Here are a few things we will NEVER turn down assistance with….

  • Signups- Saturday Leagues
  • Arranging and delivering food – teams before games, concessions & events
  • Cleaning up after season- uniforms, equipment & facilities
  • Labor- yard work, painting & maintain facilities
  • Event- (Fundraising, Sports Banquets, etc.) decoration, food prep, serving & cleanup
  • Game Days- concessions, setup & cleanup of facilities before and after games
  • Community Outreach- FB, advertising, finding sponsors & helping families who need assistance
  • Pictures- during games, events & of individual kids

Thank you to everyone who has and is supporting our Bulls Gap youth this season!